Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Tuesday)

Normally I swim on Tuesdays but the weather was looking pretty questionable, at least for the outdoor pool. But I was thankful for the rain that was part of that questionable weather (although it was the cold and breezy part that had me concerned). The new garden bed I made and planted this spring is getting full of big and leafy dahlias (some with buds already!!), and the roses continue to thrive. Up until now, I’ve been mostly lucky in their growth. I did amend the soil with compost when I created the bed (but I figured out too late that it wasn’t enough); however that’s pretty much the end of the story. I’ve let the spring rains and sun do their part. I didn’t place soaker hoses yet, meaning, I haven’t been keeping up on much of a watering schedule… yet. I have designs to be this committed caretaker who tends her gentle, leafy flock everyday. I’m still working on getting there =) So the rain was welcome along with a little relief from the burning sun.

But I was talking about swimming. At lunchtime when it was raining the hardest, I fantasized about swimming at the outdoor pool in the rain, and couldn’t wait for the work day to end. Unfortunately by the time I could go swim, the rain had stopped and the weather had perked up. I know, I know, I’m weird. I promise I do very much like swimming on a warm and sunny day, but I also love swimming in the rain. I don’t really know why, except that I like the sensation of being fully entrenched in water. Maybe it’s because that’s the closet I can get to being an underwater creature I love like dolphins or mermaids (what? they’re real) without the use of a breathing apparatus. As I had my heart set on swimming in the rain, I didn’t swim in the sun. Makes sense, right? I decided to get home things done instead.

And instead, I think I really just walked the dogs. Picked some strawberries. Made my own strawberry banana coconut rum drink (does that count as a daiquiri?). Watched a chick flick. I think I did dishes. Oh that’s right, I also spent hours on my blog cleaning up past posts, writing Tuesday’s post about Monday, and coming up with my 21-day mental money challenge. I guess I wasn’t too lazy =)


I did eat the most delicious strawberry ever from my parking strip garden (which my sister says I need to name– the garden, not the strawberry– and I said, “Fred!” but I think she meant name it something enticing or less lengthy and ominous). I find each year I love gardening a little more. Of course I also get better at it a little bit at a time too. I’ve grown from Dead Thumbs the Houseplant Killer, to One Green Thumb the Well-Meaning Neglecter. Definitely an improvement!


Gertrude Jekyll rose.

My happy thoughts for Tuesday? Super-ripe homegrown strawberries are amazing (grow them immediately! just know your crop will only get bigger and better with time). I love walking with my dogs and finding beautiful yards or plants. Chick flicks make me miss Sara, which is sad but okay because I am lucky she’s my bestie. My financial frustrations will be overcome and I can’t wait to start my mental money challenge (probably not until this challenge is over so I don’t get overloaded). I also can’t wait for an opportunity to swim in the rain ♥ Oh and the moon sliver was lovely hanging in the western darkening sky. That moon literally made me stop everything and stare entranced. I wish my camera took a better photo so you could really share that moment with me!

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