Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Monday)

The best part of yesterday was returning the wrong microwave to Best Buy and, not only getting our money back, but also getting floor space back. Do you have any idea how big a microwave box is? Let alone two? Basically we had the right microwave and the wrong microwave at the same time, and now we just have one microwave unboxed and ready for installation… Once we figure out how to install it.

We also dug out another load of dirt from our yard yesterday and unloaded it at Dirt Exchange again. I’m so thankful we have a local place to take our dirt for fairly cheap. I know they make money off of us by selling our recycled soil to their buyers, but I don’t care. Not having a dirt pile waiting for some Craigslister to come “u-dig, u-haul” is much less with which to deal. So we’re not done with digging yet (still another 1-2 loads wethinks), but I’ve come to terms with the path building being a project that will last the month of June. I’m just grateful Hank is helping shovel; in fact he did most of yesterday’s digging.

Target wound up being a trip that tied in well with our return at Best Buy, which was well timed as we were out of toilet paper. As usual, Target got us to spend more than I thought we would. That store somehow makes me want to buy things, and having Hank along to help wasn’t the best plan. In the end though, I only really made a couple of impulse buys: spray sunscreen for my back and a couple of terrycloth kitchen towels. Now I do prefer the non-chemical sunscreen, but we all know how difficult it is to get your back adequately protected with lotion. The kitchen towels were a happy buy as Target has a new line called Threshold, which meant that maybe they would have some quality towels that wouldn’t fall apart (unlike their RE line). I was right, and I found pretty colors to match my kitchen. To me, that’s a situation of getting while the getting’s good. I searched high and low for towels in fun colors over the winter and found nothing.

The last happy coincidence of the day involved buying cider ales. We went to BevMo to get the variety 12-pack of Angry Orchard’s cider. BevMo has the best price. Of course we loaded up on many other booze drinks while there and easily would have blown much unintended money, until the clerk asked for not only my ID but Hank’s as well (Hank’s driver license expired on his birthday). Without an unexpired license from us both, she couldn’t sell. We walked out not upset by no booze but irritated by how rude the clerk was to us about it. We stopped at QFC on the way home and grabbed our favorite Haagen Dazs ice cream (peanut butter pie– try it now!!!) and low and behold, the same variety pack of ciders was on sale for $3 less than BevMo. So I guess the rude BevMo sales clerk, who appears to hate life, did us a favor. Ha-cha! Take that! (She was really, really rude, I promise.)

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