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All photos displayed within this blog were taken by me. If you’d like to use them, please ask for permission.

You can read posts relating to a specific category by clicking on the desired category in the “Guide to My Misadventures” menu. I like to dabble in many things and write posts on varying subjects that I classify by these categories:

  • cinema+synopses – blurbs, descriptions, or full storylines (including endings) of movies and t.v. shows
  • glimmer&glow – health, fitness, finding confidence in your own physical strength and beauty
  • heart+hearth – all about my favorite flavor and the home we share
  • land&language – travel and my obsession with French
  • mumbles+musings – random thoughts, ideas, and writing snippets that fall more into the creative than any other category
  • sow&sew – hobby topics like gardening, crocheting, sewing, etc.
  • sustenance+sustainability – eating and living, cooking and baking, in the midst of green practices
  • wiggles&whiskers – Shiba Inu sagas and other animal tales
  • sparkles – ideas that shine or make me feel good
  • splats – mistakes and failures to learn from
Recipes provided are as much for your sake as mine. I often don’t write down what I do when I cook or bake and the next time have to wing it again. I’m a believer in instinctual cooking, which I find comes to me over time with experience and experiments. I don’t really like to measure, preferring to eyeball volume or use a kitchen scale. If I can find a way to make a recipe in one bowl or pot instead of dirtying many dishes, I’ll always go that route. If I use a recipe created by someone else, I will always add in a hyperlink to the original recipe (listed in blue font), but what I post on my site will be the version of the recipe that I cooked or baked that day. If I’m missing ingredients or feel like adding in something else, then I’ll do so and enjoy the fun of seeing how things turn out. I definitely fail at times (as my husband can attest), but then I learn what to do next time. I’m only going to post recipes that I consider successful, so please don’t worry about following my steps thinking they’ll lead to doom.

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