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Flying Trapeze with the Greatest of Ease

My first flying trapeze class ever! I love aerial arts!

Groupon gave me and my friend a chance to try out trapeze for a steal of a deal. We went to Emerald City Trapeze Arts. The facilities are super cool and they also teach other death-defying aerial arts like silks, stationary trapeze, and hoop.

I’m convinced I need to run away with the circus :). Although, in this case, I only need to run to the south side of downtown Seattle.

Here are videos…

This is my last swing where I got to try a catch.

This one is my second swing of the night. For me, once I hopped off the platform, everything was a blur. The instructor calls out commands and you respond as fast as you can, which makes for little time to think. We had to hop off the platform, get our knees over the bar, let go of the bar with our hands and hang by our knees, arch back to reach for the catcher (who is only in the first posted video- these other swings were practice for the catch to come), then get our knees back off the bar, and kick into a backflip. Whew!

Prep for my third swing.

Third swing action. Having missed getting my knees up and losing momentum, I only do the backflip in this one.

Fourth swing action (filming started late). In this vid, I get through all the required steps to move on to trying a catch. Yay! They ring cowbells for you when that happens, which only makes me think of the Christopher Walken SNL cowbell sketch.

That’s all folks! I posted the catch first to draw in and amaze my audience :).