{Smoothie Quick Tip} Freeze Your Greens

One of the reasons I love smoothies is because you can pack in veggies and you don’t even know it. Not that I don’t like vegetables, but smoothies make it easier to get in those nutrients in all meals, even when you don’t feel like cooking or making a salad.

If you’re anything like me, you probably mean to eat salads more often than you do. Unfortunately the best of intentions leaves rotting greens in my fridge drawer. My solution is to throw the salad clamshell container in the freezer before the best by date. Or if I have greens from my garden or a CSA, I get those veggies bagged up and in the freezer before they go bad. I’ve done this with chard, parsley, kale, spinach… basically any green you can.

Is just throwing them in the freezer the best way? Maybe not, maybe there’s a better way to preserve all the nutrients. But this way is fast, saves food from being wasted, and ensures I have greens for my smoothies even when I didn’t make it to the store or out to the garden to get fresh ones.