{Smoothie Quick Tip} Keep Those Hands Warm

Do cold cups of icy smoothies in winter have you shivering as you try to down all those yummy but really chilly nutrients? I have two suggestions to keep your hands warm:

1. Pour your smoothie into a coffee mug! I recently started doing this and feel like a dummy for not thinking of it sooner. The great big 20 oz coffee cups work best if you make large smoothies like me.
2. Using old sweaters, cut the sleeves off and trim to length to make your own cozies for your smoothie cups. I use mason jars for my smoothies and slide them into a sweater sleeve for extra insulation against the cold contents and also to protect the glass from getting chips when bumped around in transit to work.

Keeping up with smoothies in the winter can be hard to do, but if you can prevent some of the extra chill by keeping your hands warm, you’ll be more successful with your goal. Cheers!

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