{Recipe} My Basic Smoothie

1 c coconut milk (the kind you buy in the refrigerated section – I use So Delicious unsweetened, or Trader Joe’s unsweetened)
1 serving greens, typically from frozen but can be fresh (= 85 grams)
1-1.5 servings of fruit, typically from frozen (= 140-210 grams)
1 serving protein powder (I use Lifetime Life’s Basics in chocolate)
Added water to get everything moving in the VitaMix (~0.5-1 cup)

Whiz it all together. After I get everything poured out, I run the blender with some more water (~1 cup) and then drink that too so I get in all the nutrients that were left stuck to the insides of my VitaMix.

I’ve been looking into alternative protein sources as I’m not sure processed protein powder is the way to go. I’ll explore some options this week in a later post.


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