Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Wednesday)

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on a picnic. The weather was a bit cool and windy, but the food was good, the sneaky cider ale was good, and the company was great. In fact I never would have gone on a picnic at all without that great company suggesting it, so thanks Olivia =)

We picked up some Rainer cherries (isn’t it super early in the season for cherries?), a variety of yummy cheeses, a tasty prosciutto by La Quercia, a crusty loaf of Olive bread, and (the oddball to the mix) a sushi/fresh spring roll thing in spicy tuna. It was actually a really good combo, and I got to use my virtually new insulated picnic basket plus picnic blanket setup. I’ve only used the basket for picking up cold things at the farmers market, so this was my first time pulling out the hidden blanket and having a picnic with it. Good times. Not gluten or dairy free times, but good nonetheless.


Sadly after I got home the tasty Camp Fire cheese was stolen out of the picnic basket by Ichigo and Tempe the wonder puppies. My fault for forgetting I left the basket open while I went outside to water plants…

And speaking of plants, my English rose (Gertrude Jekyll?) is really in fragrant bloom. I can’t wait for the Fragrant Cloud rose to bloom too. We’ve had such a nice spring for Seattle thus far and it has led to early growth and blooms (maybe that’s why there are cherries already?). My dahlias are big leafy plants already so it won’t be long until lots of flowers– hurrah! The weather may be the result of global warming, but whatever it is I’m enjoying the beauty that’s coming out of it.

2 thoughts on “Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Wednesday)

  1. D. D. Falvo

    The wonder puppies! LOL. Killian did that once –out of the back of my car, from a just-purchased grocery bag–2 pounds of lovely rare roast beef. The au jus sandwiches I planned for dinner didn’t happen, needless to say. :P.

    1. cheryl Post author

      Oh no! How disappointing and funny at the same time! We have the same problem with Jordan getting up on counters to steal meat & poultry things. I know it’s an issue, so I make sure not to leave anything out. Hank, however, continuously leaves things out and gets mad when Jordan starts nibbling on things. It cracks me up =)


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