Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Thursday)

Outdoor. Swimming. Need I say more?! You may not know that I love water. Looking at it, being in it, being on it, in frozen form, you name it. And yesterday I swam out of doors at the local pool with my sister-in-law. Très fantastique!

Swimming outside is way up high on my list of faves, although open water swimming might rank higher than an outdoor pool. Swimming outdoors is something that happened often in my childhood in lakes and pools alike.

Whether my affinity for swimming under the sky is related to the familiarity of the experience overall, or to the joyful, childlike feelings diving through sun-filtered waves brings me… I’d guess it’s both with a little more emphasis on the latter. Chalk it up to many good memories of swimming and floating and water skiing and boating and tubing and sailing and– well the list could go on forever. Even scary memories of almost drowning or leeches between my toes or a childhood friend tormenting me with false tales of sea slugs in her backyard lake, bring a smile to my face now. These are adventures, the stuff an everyday gal like me is made of.

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