Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Thursday)

Despite the little sleep I had the night before, I wasn’t the least bit grumpy on Thursday. Work went well, the pet store took back my late return, my new trial contacts came in and I picked them up, swimming laps felt great, I found a dress that fits me perfectly, and I got to spend the whole evening with Kate. I super organized the house on Wednesday so when I got home from work on Thursday I even unpacked my bags right away, dealt with the mail, basically kept the house clean– good job me!

The only thing I didn’t do was go to bed early to make up for too little sleep. Instead I watched Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, which was an enjoyable close to the evening along with chocolate pu-erh tea.

Probably the best event of the day was swimming. For the first time I tried flip turns while doing my laps and I could do them! Granted I’m still slow, but the fluidity of continuous pool lengths is fantastic. I’m getting breathless from yardage I did previously with no problem because there’s absolutely no wall break. That’s good. Now I can really push myself =) Kate and I tried out the three nose plugs I bought, and to me it was an astonishing difference to swim without water up my nose. Now I only really need the nose plug for inverting in the water, but I found using one at all times made me enjoy getting my face underwater even more. What a strange thing. The sun was nice and bright too– if you compare outdoor lighting to indoor pool house lighting, you’ll find the clarity underwater is astonishing in sunlight. I can’t say it entirely makes sense, but being able to see better has made it easier for me to work on my flip turns. It’s like I can better see my surroundings and the movements of my body. It’s easier to focus. I don’t know. It’s weird but I love it.

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