Good Things Yesterday Brings (yesterday being Sunday)

Sunday… I often struggle with the use of Sunday. Relax? House work? Plan for the upcoming week? Visit with friends? An early dinner out? Some mash up of these things?

My Sunday had a late start, waking up on the couch and coming to life to feed the pups. We relaxed a bit and then I went swimming with Kate (in the outdoor pool again– hurrah!). I filled up the gas tank after and met up with Kate for an early dinner at yummy and cheap El Camion (we love their horchata). I came home to a humanless house, and when I went to change out of my suit and swim parka, I found a delightful sunny patch on my bed. I laid down (wouldn’t you?). I languished the warm sun that hadn’t really made an appearance while swimming. The happy dogs joined me, although I really think they were telling me they wanted dinner. When I did get up a little while later to feed the turkeys, I tried my hand (somewhat unsuccessfully) at making homemade kettle corn and Hank made dinner for himself and his friend Justin (Justin had been using our drive for a while to fix his car and they had just finished the work). We all watched a little TV together before Justin left and I started the dishwasher. That was pretty much the evening.

Some would say it was an uneventful day, but I napped in the sun, did some dishes which meant getting the blender clean too for my morning smoothies, swam with Kate, and had a meal with her and hung out with my husband and our friend. And bonus, we got a little driveway space back for chasing the puppies.

Somehow I managed to tackle all things Sunday and still felt rested like a lazy Sunday should do you. Come to think of it though I know of plenty Sundays in my life that have felt this way. I used to work at the library on Sundays and retail too, and I loved how pleasant it was to work on a slow day where I had the space to appreciate my job and take the time to go out of my way for patrons and customers.

Sundays don’t have to be all or nothing. I sometimes have the ability to find them to be a gift– a chance to slow down and get a little more in touch with yourself but to also get some things done to be good to yourself. Reflecting now, maybe I only struggle with what to do on a Sunday because it’s hard to let go of the fast-paced work week. It’s hard to unplug and remember how to cope without the constant stimulation of our digital age. It’s hard not to draw up a long list of tasks and be daunted by so many things to do. So there’s the lesson for me and for you dear readers, find some space in your life for a lazy Sunday that’s all about slowing down and finding you. And if you need some help figuring out how to spend your lazy day, you can always watch (or rewatch) this SNL short to laugh and gather inspiration.

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