True Blood Addicts

I know it’s a soap opera with vampires and I know the main character is named Sookie, but Hank and I can’t help watching this show. I can’t help squealing in grossed-out disgust at the overly dramatic and bloody death scenes. Dare I say, I have fun watching True Blood. Typically the episodes are fast-paced with snarky dialogue. The nudity I’m probably getting desensitized to, but these later seasons seem to be toning it down compared to the first run that had Jason naked 80% of the time. I understand why some people might have had difficulty watching True Blood in the beginning. That’s HBO for you.

The season finale was a little dull after the second-to-last episode where we cheered when Marnie’s stupid supporter got his heart ripped out of his chest (and Eric sipped on it – that got a squeal!) and Marnie seemed to be off the show at last. Until the last scene. Boo. Ghosts suck.

The finale brought death to some substantial characters (Nan, Tara and Jesus) and some not so important or notable (Debbie and some guards). I could see Jesus’ murder coming, and Nan’s as well. But Tara and Debbie were another story. Shotgun killings in the last two minutes were shocking. No way was Tara gonna- oh, oh yep, yeah they killed her.¬†Granted we’ve been rooting for Tara’s end for some time; she hasn’t been a major contributor in a while. But with the show’s expansion into exploring other realms of supernatural beings, how could there be time to cover boring old humans?

I’m hoping Tara doesn’t come back as a ghost to haunt Sookie (although that would be old news after Marnie’s revenge in the spirit world). Maybe they’ll just let her go? It’s too much to hope for. RIP Tara. RIP Debbie. We won’t miss you.

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