The Other Kind of Hobbit

My husband has been working hard on his renewed hobby: mopeds! I’ve lost track of how many he’s, I mean we’ve, bought over the years, all in various states of disrepair, but he found a decent one for me recently that he’s restoring. Or rather I should say, he’s making it better than it ever was. That’s his true hobby, making things better than the way they were.

This Honda moped is known as a Hobbit, which is very fitting with me being a Tolkien fan, although really completely unrelated. Me being a sort of girly girl (without the high maintenance), I am the most excited about the powder coating paint job and accessorizing. I stressed about what colors to choose for many weeks, because the bike has to look just so… I mean how many times will I get to paint my own moped? In the end, I opted not to paint my Hobbit hot pink, but I did choose some fun ocean shades of blue, and I might paint the rims hot pink. I can’t wait to find fun containers of some sort to use as saddle bags too. I’m going for a beachy surfer look. Hey, I live in rainy Seattle, with skies of grey for a large part of the year; I take my vibrant colors where I can get them, or where I can paint them =)

So my pic below doesn’t exactly capture reality but you’ll get the essence. I used the stock paint program on my Windows computer to get an idea of colors, although I won’t be doing yellow rims. I’ll post more pics when the powder coating actually happens, but that will probably be in a month or so is my guess, in time for summer! Now I just have to find some accessories for me, like a helmet and jacket. I did pick out one helmet with polka dots but it turned out I looked like a toadstool from Mario Bros. Back to the accessory board.

I colored in this photo from:

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