Lazy Guacamole a la VitaMix

1 large avocado, halved and pit removed
1 roma tomato
1-2 T bottled lime juice
several dashes of garlic salt
1/4 c of dried onion flakes/pieces… whatever they’re called

  1. Squish the avocado out of its peel and into a VitaMix blender, discarding (composting!) the peel.
  2. Toss in the whole roma tomato.
  3. Splash in some lime juice or measure it first.
  4. Dash in some garlic salt.
  5. Dash in some dried onion or measure it first.
  6. Blend on low and increase speed to pulverize the tomato. I keep it on the I-Variable switch and slowly go from 1-10.
  7. Use the VitaMix tamper to hold the tomato down to make sure it gets beat up and beaten into the avocado mix.
  8. Serve.

Alternatively, you could add some jalapeno or bell pepper if you have it. You could throw in chunks of real onion to get diced up. You could add some fresh lime juice. You could also add other spices, if you like. If you’re going to add extra non-avocado ingredients, then I would increase the amount of avocado you add so you don’t lose that yummy guac flavor. Also if you go this route and you like chunky guacamole, I would add the other harder ingredients first to let them get chopped up, and then add your avocado, shutting off the VitaMix when you see the consistency you like.

Straight up, the basic recipe is super lazy and really fast. I’m also wondering about the nutritional content, as the avocado whips up some, giving you more volume, but less calories due to the whipped in air. Not that I really care… ♥ I love me some guacamole ♥

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