Help Me Pick New Boots!

My favorite riding-style boots have finally died. I was lucky. I found them years ago at a thrift store in brand new condition and in my big stomper size 10. They were cognac, leather, mid/high-calf, low-heeled, Nine West, and classically simple. They were also only $15. Best. Find. Ever. Seriously. I haven’t found a deal that good ever since. Every so often I’d get them re-soled, but then the leather started detaching from the sole… A sad day. I had my shoe guy glue them back together a couple of times, but the hole got bigger over time. They’re still sitting in my closet. I keep thinking maybe I should go to a cobbler and see if they could work some magic.

In lieu of cobbler magic, not to be confused with Keebler magic, I’m shopping around for new boots. I’ve found 4 pairs on DSW that would be good replacements. I need your votes to help me choose. The following aren’t listed in any particular order. I think I’m really between #1 and #4. All have side zips, low heels, and are leather.

For reference, here are the boots I’m replacing:
 I think you’d call them cognac. Sloped across the top. Fitted in ankles. 1.5″ heel.

#1 Audrey Brooke Tayler Riding Boot $129.95
They come in cognac and brown. Curved top. 1″ heel.

#2 Aubrey Brooke Abey Riding Boot $139.95
Pretty much same as #1 but with the addition of straps. I’m not sure on the straps as maybe that would limit the boots to only certain outfits. They only come in cognac. Straight across the top. 1″ heel.

#3 Bandolino Timesup Riding Boot $129.95
They only come in cognac. Straight across the top. 1″ heel.

#4  Etienne Aigner Chastity Riding Boot $129.95
They only come in brown, not cognac. But the brown is really beautiful and I think (?) still versatile. I did find some on Amazon in a color called banana bread which is like cognac, but they’re more expensive. Curved across the top. 1.5″ heel.

What do you think? After dragging out my old boots and taking a pic, I’m kind of thinking I should at least talk to the cobbler. They’re in pretty good shape except for that darned hole and some scuffs; I hate to waste good leather. Anyone have cobbler experience? I’m wondering if it’d be just as pricey as buying a new pair anyway. Oh the options! Although I just researched the cobbler I had in mind and I guess he’s some renowned hiking boot cobbler. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

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